Amsterdam blogger meeting

Last Sunday I was with 5 other girls in Amsterdam for a blogger meeting of our bloggers. We made a trip on the bike through Amsterdam and we saw many gorgeous things. The tour we made was very nice we saw some things every tourist sees, but also things most people don’t see.

Everyone came with the train and we would meet at Amsterdam Centraal. We had a bad weekend to go with the train because there were many problems and every train had a delay. But we found each other. After a little chat, we went to the place where we could pick up our bikes.

Albert Cuypmarket

Albert Cuypmarket

Credits to: Merle

Our First stop was the Albert Cuypmarket, which is a famous market in Amsterdam. You can find here almost everything. Food, clothes, makeup, shoes and go on. It was very busy on the street and it was hard to walk with the bike through the street, so at the end, we decided to walk on the sidewalk. Only we walked through fish water so our clothes didn’t smell that nice after it.

Lunch – Bagels and Beans

When we finished the Albert Cuypmarket it was time for some food, so we went to the Bagels and Beans in the Ferdinand Bolstraat, which is a street next to the Abert Cuypmarket. We talked here a lot and we made food pictures of course. The great thing with going out with bloggers is that you can make as many pictures as you want without people who say “you should eat it now, put your phone away”.

Roemer Vischerstraat – Oud zuid

After our lunch we went to the Roemer Vischerstraat, this is a street with old houses. You can find here 7 houses next to each other which is made by another country. We saw England, Germany, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, French, and Italy. It was very beautiful and we had to take a lot of pictures. I made my outfit post from last week at the house from Russia.

Read here all about my look.



Photo credits: Merle

You cannot leave Amsterdam without visiting the Vondelpark. This is a huge park in the middle of the city where you can sport, walk, chill, picknick and everything. This was the only place where going on the bike was easy because it was not as busy as in the rest of Amsterdam. Normally I see less than the half of the Vondelpark but now I have seen the whole park and I have to say that I love it now even more. There was a flash mob in the middle of the park and people were so happy.

Coffee time – Sticky Fingers

Straight out the Vondelpark, you can find a hotspot named Sticky Fingers, which is pink from the inside. We had to go in to eat and drink something. Most ordered a coffee with some pie, but I had a juice with some fresh fruit. We made a lot of pictures in the gorgeous place and we had a good time here. When we wanted to continue our way, it started to rain so we sat here a pretty long time, but we entertained ourselves.

Dinner – Lucca Due

Dinner Lucca Due

Photo credits: Tessa

When we came out Sticky Fingers we had to bike fast to Lucca Due where our table was ready for dinner. The food was good, but they used to much oil and my tummy cannot handle that. Here you can see us all having dinner. It took a long time before we got our food and we get our starter together with the main course, which was not very nice.

After dinner, it was time to go home. I had a great day with this girls and I’m sure a new meeting will follow soon.

Thanks to Merle, Tessa, Celine, Annemae, and Joyce for making this day great.



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Abonneren op

Wat een heerlijke dag moet dat geweest zijn! Zo’n tour (en meeting) wil ik ook wel doen!

Neeltje | Thoughts in Style

Ah wat leuk zeg!


Nice you all meet in Amsterdam! Looked like a great day and I can imagine you had al lot to talk about as being all bloggers


This is actually a fantastic idea- a bloggers meet that involved exploring the city. I love the pictures of Roemer Vischerstraat, the houses look absolutely amazing!

Shadow Master

I have never been to the Netherlands, but I have always wanted to check out Amsterdam. This post only made me want it more ahah. I like the way the content is presented.


Wat een leuke foto’s heb je allemaal gemaakt. Het ziet er erg gezellig uit!


Leuke foto’s. Ik heb eigenlijk nooit rustig door Amsterdam gelopen. Ga ik toch maar eens doen.


Dat ziet er uit als een geslaagd dagje. En heerlijk de bagels van Bagels & Beans!


Leuk om zo met elkaar af te spreken! Amsterdam is daar altijd goed voor!


Het ziet eruit als een super geslaagde dag!
Leuk om te lezen allemaal


leuk artikel! zo’n blogger meeting lijkt mijzelf heeel erg leuk!


Het ziet er er gezellig uit. En Amsterdam is een fantastische stad om van alles te blijven ontdekken


Wat een leuk verslagje. Het ziet eruit alsof het heel erg gezellig is geweest!

nicole orriens

It’s great seeing bloggers in person! Looks like you had a great day together. And lunch looks great.